About CARE


Colorado Advocates for Rural Electrification (CARE) 

CARE is a non-partisan Political Action Committee funded by personal donations from directors, employees and member consumers of Colorado’s electric cooperatives. 

CARE endorses candidates we believe support issues of importance to Colorado’s electric cooperatives.  Colorado’s 22 electric cooperatives are governed by locally elected boards of directors who are responsive to the member-owner concerns.  As non-profit utilities, cooperatives return excess revenue to our member-owners in the form of capital credits.

CARE funds are maintained in Denver and administered through the CARE committee and membership.  This money is used primarily to support state candidates to the Colorado General Assembly.  Decisions to support candidates are made by the CARE committee, which is composed of one person from each of CREA’s five districts, two employee representatives, a Tri-State representative, and CREA’s executive director.